'Man made of blood and man made of stone,

In the mud with little bits of bone.'


A series of images and sculptures of ancient museum artefacts, fertility idols, votives and long lost gods. Please visit my blog Sertraline Dreams for more writing about the Giglet project.

Giglets 1 Giglets 2 Giglets 3 Lost Idols Patch of Green 2 BSMT 2 IMG_3227 IMG_3237

'Lost Idols', spraypaint, suitcase, ceramic sculptures, 2018

Giglets on the move, January 2019

'Giglets', installation view of Wicked Games exhibition, January 2019

'Black Giglets', installation view, Patch of Green exhibition, February 2019

'Giglets', installation view, 13th Hour exhibition, February 2019

Art in the Castle 2

Giglets in Art In the Castle, Redhill, Surrey, May 2019