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'Oh Ill Thief',

presented as part of 'Confined Spaces', The Old Gaol, Campbeltown

August 2016


- Digital print installed in jail cell

- Text piece available as slightly scorch-marked A4 handouts

- Voice piece playing in headphones behind door of cell


'Oh Ill Thief'


Oh Ill Thief,

my Hangman my Hornie, the one I love and fear,

please take me fae here

I'll be yer snool once againe, dog-flesh and henbane,

Turn me back into willcat and wraith,

destroyer of faith

then no more will I rise into air so clear and so full of pain.


Oh Blacknebbit Bartie let's have a party

you know I'm your blastie

a' crookit and nasty

your couthy carline ye know what I mean,

ay, I'll let you scaith me

till the black baudlins chase me; so I pray

take me away from this bright land of toil.

Yes I'll pick your boils, and I'll eat your blypes,

I'll soak you in oil and turn out the lights -

but I'm cold and alone and sucked on by lice

and they've put me in darklins so silent, so small,

that I can't breathe, I can't scream, I can't speak, I can't call.


Sometimes it seems like I hear you,

your deep drumlie gumlie grunt.

It seems like I see you

dripping all down my front.

It feels like I feel you

in my itchy creeshie cunt,

As I wait for you to com and tak me to the hunt.


Oh Nickie-ben, I'm losing my grip

and startin to rip at the ends,

I dream of you and all of our friends, at Inshoch,

long after gloamin-shot, gigglin like giglets

and squealin like piglets

When we killed the wee things and cut them up into bits,

when I gave you my bairntime, my godsbody, my wits,

I gave you my tits

and somehow a' that has left me like this.

Oh you thief thief thief THIEF

Howl, howl foul winds and rain, and blasted deep!

Oh salt, oh shit and wounds that seep!

I'll take all your other girls with me to sleep,

and then in dark flames I'll be yours to keep.



© Rosie Dahlstrom 2016

Oh Ill Thief collage 3 FINAL
Isobel 2 (detail) isobel_3 Isobel WIP Cell Isobel

'Isobel's Betrayal' (work in progress), oil on canvas, 1.2m x 1.7m, 2018

A multi-media project based on the confessions Isobel Gowdie and the witches of Auldearn, comprising works in collage, painting, film, voice, installation, from 2013 - present.

'Oh Ill Thief' collages and drawings, assorted sizes, 2013-16

Left: 'Megan as Isobel 1', oil on board, 30cm x 45cm, 2013.

Right: 'Megan as Isobel 2', oil on board, 30cm x 45cm, 2014

Detail from 'Fur Baby', acrylic and ink on paper, 45cm x 60cm, 2016

Left: 'The Execution of Isobel Gowdie', oil on board, 1m x 1.8m, 2014.

Right: 'Oh Ill Thief', oil on canvas, 80cm x 60cm, 2015

'Oh Ill Thief' for Confined Spaces installation, through cell spyhole

'Oh Ill Thief', film, 7 mins 30 seconds, filmed on location in Wester Ross, 2019