Little bits of things that don't fit in


Works made between 2016 - 2018


Medusa 2 Fur baby Selling of Nefertitty 3 Sip my ocean drawing Divine Comedy

Commissioned artwork for 'Into The New' Festival of Performance Art (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) Jan 2018


Illustrates the performance by Charneh Watson, Take this to your grave


Pencil, chalk and ink on paper, 21cm x 30cm, 2018

'The Selling of Nefertitty', acrylic and pen on paper, 45cm x 60cm, 2016

'Fur Baby', acrylic and pen on paper, 42cm x 60cm, 2016

'Sip My Ocean', acrylic, ink and pen on paper, 42cm x 65cm, 2016

'Sip My Ocean' drawing, pen and pencil on paper, 29cm x 21cm, 2017