Every piece of work I made while studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts

from October 2018 to July 2019

'Lost Idols' (for Departure Lounge exhibition), clay, gold paint and suitcase, October 2018


'The Beautiful One Has Come' (for Obsessions exhibition), acrylic on wall, November 2018


IMG_2833[1] (1) IMG_2891 IMG_2887 IMG_2889 IMG_2890

Site specific piece (for Spectacular Sensation exhibition at Medicine Gallery), using paper collage creatures from 'Delphyne' series distributed around gallery space, December 2018


Poster for Spectacular Sensation, December 2018

IMG_2490 DSR_2446-768x512 DSR_2386-768x512 IMG_2910 IMG_2912 WJUU7646

'The Story of Delphyne' (for Pigs Can Get Sunburn exhibition), bound book of 72 digital collages on golden lectern, December 2018


Poster for Pigs Can Get Sunburn exhibition, December 2018

Collage 11 Collage 15 Collage 31 Collage 32 Collage 6 Collage 10 Collage 77.4 Collage 76 Collage 74 Collage 73 Collage 70 Collage 65 Collage 49 Collage 57 Collage 23 Collage 13 Collage 20 Collage 21 Collage 22 Collage 36 Collage 44 Collage 50 Collage 34 Collage 45.5 Collage 46 Collage 48 Collage 30 Collage 56

Selection of collages from 'The Story of Delphyne', series of 80 digital collages, 2018

Babel 1 Babel 4

'The Tower of Babel' (Group collaboration for MAFA International Festival), incorporating glitter Glasgow emblem and the base comprised of images of the artist's past life in Glasgow, November 2018

Giglets 1 Giglets 2 Giglets 4 Giglets 3

'Giglets' (for Wicked Games exhibition), collection of 50 ceramic sculptures in a mix of finishes: bisque-fired, black glaze and turqouise/brown/green glaze, January 2019

Patch of Green 1 Patch of Green 2

Black Giglets for Patch of Green exhibition at Cookhouse Gallery, January 2019

B Mine 2

Collaborative performance with Bo Fan in which the artists staged an alternative wedding ceremony, both Western and Chinese, in front of their MaFriends and MaFamily to celebrate and critique social rituals of bonding and commitment from a queer perspective. The wedding was part of a larger immersive installation which included a marriage bed, a candy bar and a restaurant, making up the exhibition B Mine taking place on Valentine's Day 2019.

B Mine 3 B Mine 1 B Mine 4 BSMT 3 BSMT 1 BSMT 2

Projection of stop-motion animation, and Giglets as part of 13th Hour group exhibition at BSMT Space, Dalston,

February 2019

Lost Idols
Belfry 2 Belfry 3

DELPHYNE Solo Exhibition: Site-specific installation of two projections and sound in Belfry space in St John on Bethnal Green church. Projected films were animations made from Delphyne series of collages with and without text.

'Delphyne' (for DELPHYNE exhibition), video, March 2019

'The Eye is a Hole' (for 13th Hour exhibition), stop-motion animation, February 2019

Delphyne Poster Poster 2 Dollphyne 1 Dollphyne 5 Dollphyne 6 Dollphyne 7

'Delphyne' doll and packaging, mixed media, 30cm x 15cm x 5cm, 2019

Dollphyne 4 Zodiac 5 Zodiac 1 Zodiac 2 Zodiac 3 Zodiac 4

Zodiac group exhibition, The Horse & Stables, Lambeth, March 2019


'Delphyne' doll and series of modified plastic lizards, dimensions variable, 2019


Zodiac 6 IMG_3366[1] IMG_E3788[1]

'The Martyrdom of Delphyne', oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm, 2019

IMG_3789 IMG_3790 Lesbian Vampires 1 Lesbian Vampires 4 Lesbian Vampires 2 Lesbian Vampires 3

'Blood and Roses', acrylic paintings on walls, for Supernatural exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts, May 2019


Delphyne comes to life: installation, performance, costume and sculpture


Mock-up of MA Show installation, digital collage, 2019

13 15 16 9 2 1 10 12 14 6

'Delphyne and the Oracle', immersive installation and performance: costume, giglets, Dollphyne,

gold lizards, and miscellaneous objects. Photo credit Ana Luisa Madeira